Golf League — Week 14 Schedule and Other Golf Stuff

Hello again!  As you know, last week was a “free” or open week.  So while we played, none of the results counted in the league play.  With that in mind, I made a club change.  If you have been reading this blog all along, you will remember I have been playing with clubs the average age of which being 20 years old.  That is the case with my 3 and 5 woods.  Until last week.  About a month ago, I broke my Dunlop driver in a freak accident on the driving range.  I purchased a Ram FX high trajectory low spin driver and put it into play.  Last week, I bought the Ram FX 5 wood and put it into play last week.  The face on my new 5 wood is bigger than the face on the three wood and I hit it pretty well both last week and at the range this week.   I am now looking for the Ram FX 3 wood.

While last week was a “free” or open week, I treated it pretty much the same as a league week for purposes of my handicap.  In addition to my league handicap, I am a member of Golfsuite.  One of the features of Golfsuite is it offeres a free handicap index program.  While not a USGA handicap index, it has 2 features I like.  One of these is the handicap index takes into account the courses.  That means if I play 4 courses regularly through out the year not only do I get a handicap for all courses but I can generate a handicap for each individual course I play, a handicap for each tee option and handicaps for both 9 and 18 holes for each tee option.  The second feature is it is free.  This is of course my favorite price.  I use this handicap to track my improvement.  Last year, my league handicap was 32 for most of the year and droped to 29 by the end of the year.  Since the league handicap is only for 9 holes you must double it for 18.  I did that and added a .0 to the end to generate a handicap index.  Last year my handicap went from 64.0 to 58.0 during the league over an 18 hole round.  To translate that into an 18 hole score you add par for the course you are playing to the handicap.  So my average 18 hole score went from 136 to 130 last year.  This was an improvement of 6 stokes.  Currently my handicap index is 39.7.  Rounding that up to 40 and adding it to 72 (the par for all the courses I play) means that my average 18 hole score would be 112 which is an improvement of 24 stokes since the start of the league last year and an improvement of 18 stokes since the end of the league last year.

There is another thing I want to tell you about before I talk about the schedule for this week.  About 2 to 2 1/2 months ago, I received an invitation to join the PGA Tour Partners’ Club.  I joined.  One of the reasons I joined is the members get to field test new golf stuff and keep it.  I just recieved my first product last week and am doing my field test.  The stuff I am testing is a thing called “Strike and Swipe”.  This is reusable impact tape.  It was one of the products on the new Golf Channel Show “Fore Inventors Only”.  Made for all types of clubs, i am testing the putter stips.  When I am finished testing it, I will give it a review here.  

 This is the 14th week of the league and the schedule for this week is

Team 7 vs Team 1

Team 8 vs Team 6

Team 4 vs Team 3

Team 2 vs Team 5.

This week’s round will be on the front nine at Thornapple.See ya on the back 9!


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